Miguel has been a professional musician and vocalist for 25 years as a Top Tribute Artist. Performing as Freddie Mercury, Michael Bublè, and Elvis Presley. He has his own album on iTunes and Spotify. Called “All’s said and done”. A country rock album Featuring one Latin song called “no Valentine’s Day” Miguel Olivares-Alvarez is a competent Drummer playing drums on his album. And for artists. The last three years. Miguel has been in two Christian worship teams. Playing gospel, and plays Bass guitar or Acustic guitar. Miguel has his own YouTube channel. Featuring Christian songs and Latin and funky creations.

Miguel’s Latin Vibe has been a dream, which is finally come to light, where Miguel can truly embrace his Venezuelan roots. Having been Born in Venezuela. Salsa/Latin style UK/US Hits and more please sign up for my mailing list for live events.

(If you are looking for the King and queen show, I am afraid, it is no longer available, and also the stand alone Freddie, show is also not available. My apologies but my vocal chords are not happy to be rough ridden these days… so I have retired Fred in all aspects. Thank you for your understanding.

I no longer take bookings on Sundays as I am a “Born again Christian” and I am part of a Church Worship Team, and this now takes Priority in my Life. Once again thank you for your understanding.